Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chirp Chirp

I feel a little like a zombie today. My eyes keep trying to close as I write this. For some reason, my brain kicks on about 10pm and that’s when I seem to get some of my best work done. I don’t know, maybe it’s the delirium of exhaustion getting my creative juices flowing, but strangely enough, it works. This puts me in bed about midnight or 1am, which wouldn’t be such a big deal, except I then have to get up at 6am to get the kids ready for school and on the bus. I tried to go back to bed for a couple of hours this morning, to see if I could get my brain to start working again before work this afternoon, but Jason woke me just as I was drifting off. He had some very exciting news.

Today is baby chicken day.

We have three silkie chickens that we got for the kids for Easter last year. One of the hens started laying eggs in December, but she wasn’t very consistent about incubating them. None of them hatched and they smelled very, very bad. Very bad. Did I say it was bad? Anyway, after we got rid of those, she started laying again. She and our other hen have been brooding for about three weeks, and we got our first little chicks this morning. Only the eggs from the second hens clutch are hatching, so I’m wondering if the other one is infertile. I guess we’ll see (or smell) in a few days. There are six hatched so far and another egg that’s cracked. If they all hatch, we’ll have over thirty.

Anybody want a chicken?

Here’s a video of one of them hatching. I was a little surprised by how long it takes those little guys to hatch. The clip is only about two and a half minutes long, but the poor thing was going at it for over twenty minutes before he finally broke free. He was quite exhausted by the whole ordeal.

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  1. That is too awesome!! I cannot wait to show Caleb this when he gets home from school... he will flip out! He is obsessed with all animals and everything about them.

    I cannot believe how awesome you guys are getting those for your babies on Easter. That might be the cutest thing I have ever heard!