Tuesday, February 16, 2010

But... But... But... (Repost)

Since it's technically unplug week and I have a few things I need to get caught up on, I'm going to be unplugging this week, but I thought I'd repost some of my favorites so the blog doesn't feel too lonely this week. Have a great week, all!


Original post here.

A couple of years ago, I was shopping at Target, and I kept running into this woman whose son, maybe three or four years old, cried the whole time she was there. I remember smiling to myself, so happy to be alone in the store with no one pulling on me and begging for everything in sight. I love going to the store alone. It's like going to the spa for mothers of small children. I'm sure some of you can relate.

When I got in line, this woman and her wailing child got in line behind me. He was begging her for something, and I could tell, he really, really wanted it, but Mom remained steadfast and immovable, never giving in to his demands. Something that's very difficult to do when you just want your kid to shut up already. ;)

After another firm denial, the poor, picked on little guy looked to his mother with a beseeching expression and wailed, "But I'm AWESOME!!!"

Mom quietly reassured him that he was awesome, but he wasn't getting that toy he wanted.

Since then, this has been a bit of a joke between my husband and me. When we notice that someone is acting particularly picked on (usually one of our kids), one of us will whisper to the other, "But I'm awesome!" Then we'll have a little laugh, because we're so amused by ourselves.

Now, as much I enjoy using it to mock my children and all their preteen suffering, I think there's some wisdom in it. We're all pretty awesome in our own ways, even when we're feeling otherwise.

So, since I'm feeling pretty good this week, I think I'll aim to follow that little boy's example. When I'm feeling like everything I write is crap, and my life is just one giant rejection, I'll yell from the rooftops, "But I'm AWESOME!!!"

Okay, maybe not from the rooftops. I'm not good with heights. I'd probably get stuck up there. Maybe from my front door.

And since I should be revising my novel right now, I decided to make another badge. What can I say? I'm pretty awesome at procrastination. ;D Enjoy!


  1. Hmmm. I really should go unplugged this week so I can finally finish my characterization. Maybe this afternoon. :)

  2. Enjoy your unplugged week. (I remember this post. Fun to read again.)

  3. I LOVE it! I'm awesome too! woot!

  4. This is a good one! I'm glad you dug it up for us newbies.

    At our house it's a similar scenario, except we say, "Because that's how I roll!"

    I suppose that doesn't fit when it comes to yelling it at a rejection. :)

  5. "But I'm awesome!"

    I love that.

    Enjoy your mostly-unplugged week, girl.

  6. Now that is a GREAT thing to tell oneself!