Friday, February 19, 2010

Little Miss Perfect Rears Her Snooty Head (Repost)

Since it's technically unplug week and I have a few things I need to get caught up on, I'm going to be unplugging this week, but I thought I'd repost some of my favorites so the blog doesn't feel too lonely this week. Have a great week, all!


Original post here.

I was going to do an evil post today about similes, but I decided Friday needs to be a positive day, so I’ll save the evil for Monday. :)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about perfectionism. I know that a lot of us crazy writers suffer from this disease. I definitely haven’t been spared.

It can be a good thing, and it pushes us to want to learn how to make our writing better and always put out our best work.


Most of the time, I think it’s more a hindrance than a help. Often, it keeps the words from flowing, because for some reason, I think I can do it perfect the first time. We all know this is impossible, but Little Miss Perfect refuses to accept it. She knows everything. Everything. She thinks she’s so smart. She’s kind of stuck up, actually, and most of the time, I don’t like her very much.

We all make mistakes. It’s part of being human. I see typos and misspelled words all over the place. What’s the difference between others’ mistakes and my mistakes? When other people do it, I can let it go. Oh, must be a typo. No biggie. Or, She was in a hurry, because she’s really nice and tries to visit all the blogs she follows and leave thoughtful comments. All is forgiven.

If I make a mistake, my throat feels like it’s going to close up, and my mouse wielding hand is just itching to delete and fix it. It makes me crazy I can’t edit my comments. That’s part of the reason I don’t comment much, because it takes me so long to leave a comment. Everything I do must be proofread to perfection.

The main thing that makes me so crazy is I can’t let it go. Some of you probably noticed and were too nice to say anything, but my post from Monday had a typo in the title and a misspelled word in the body of the post. Nothing serious, but it’s going to bother me for a while. Even though it’s all fixed now. Neurotic? Yes. Can it be helped? I don’t know. I’m guessing, unlikely.

So, now for the positive point of this post. In the midst of striving for perfection, we often forget our best qualities and focus on the things we’re doing wrong. And we ALL have good, no, excellent qualities. Each and every one of us.

I know this is hard, but all humility and insecurity are being thrown to the wind today. Say goodbye.

Goodbye, humility. Goodbye, insecurity. I’m sure you’ll both find your way back soon.

I want to know what makes you awesome. It doesn’t have to be about writing. Whatever you want to share. Anything to give yourself a little boost before the weekend. :D

Don’t slink away and try to hide in the bloggy shadows. No one will boo your awesomeness here. :) I’ll give you a starter phrase:

I am awesome because…


I am awesome, because I make all of my kids’ Halloween costumes, so they get to be whatever they want. (I have to make up for all the time I spend writing/crafting/being generally distracted somehow.) Oh, and I think they’re the best dressed kids, every Halloween. :D That’s mine.

Now it’s your turn. Aaaand go!!


  1. I remember this post from the first time. It was encouraging then and it's encouraging now. I don't remember what I said last time, so if it's different, then doesn't that make me doubly awesome????

    Okay, lets see...

    I am awesome because I can edit a manuscript, cook dinner, iron a shirt, clean the kitchen floor, help my kid study and talk on the phone to my best friend all at the exact same time. Can you believe that? There's just one problem: I burned the dinner. Oh well, I'm still awesome. And so are you.

  2. LOVE this post! I really needed this today so thank you for reposting it :) I am awesome because I am a human vessel for my friends' feelings and problems and dilemmas, and I only empty everything - all the stress and frustration, along with my own! - into my writing.

  3. Great post! I'm glad you dug it out. I needed this perspective.

    I'm awesome because I can make people feel good about themselves no matter how down they feel.

  4. It is sad to realise you can't make changes. If I notice a typo too late it will haunt me enough to avoid returning for ages. This is not what anyone would want but errors stay in the head, and the heart, a lot longer than any piece of perfect commenting ever does.

  5. I hate Little Miss Perfect. I'd murder her if I didn't need her so much. Stupid revisions....

    Okay seriously, I'm not alone! Yay!