Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Critiques and Rewrites

Yes, yes. I know. I'm slacking again. In my defense, Thursday and Friday of last week were spent in bed with the stomach flu and a fever. I was pretty useless for two days. The weekend was spent trying to get a handle on my housework. Not an easy task, considering I was already behind before I got sick.

I spent Monday morning (and early afternoon) doing my first formal critique of someone else's writing. I joined a writing group with the hopes of getting some valuable feedback from other writers. The feedback from friends and family is very encouraging and much appreciated, but unfortunately, most don't know what an agent or editor might be looking for, so it doesn't really help me improve my writing. Sure, it stings a little being told something is wrong, but constructive criticism is always wanted and appreciated. Especially when it really makes me reconsider something I've written.

Anyway, in order to participate and have my work critiqued, I have to critique other people's work. It's only fair, but I have to say that it's exhausting. I procrastinated doing it, because I was really nervous about ripping apart someone else's baby, but now I'm glad it's done. And I don't have to do another one until next week. Yea!

Now I just need to get my manuscript to the point where I feel like it’s ready to submit for critiques. Feels a little like cleaning my house so the housekeeper can come over. Whatever. I will always be a perfectionist and try as I might, that will never go away. And no, I do not have a housekeeper. Maybe someday…

While I was procrastinating, I stumbled upon this video and thought you all might enjoy it. Have a great Wednesday!

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