Friday, August 20, 2010

Spiders are Cool, But...

Many of you know from previous posts that I have a strange fascination with spiders and creepy crawlies in general. So, when my neighbors told me that the house we're living in had hobo spider issues in the basement, I wasn't too concerned. Until last night.

Everyone told me, Hobo's are a lot like brown recluses. They don't climb walls. They're floor spiders. Yeah, well, that's not true. They do climb walls. Even really smooth walls. Particularly the wall right above the head of my bed. But just the hugest hobos ever. So no big deal, right?

Maybe not, except that it was the third huge one I found before going to bed last night. And then this beauty crawled out from under my keyboard this morning. The one that decided to perch above my bed last night was even bigger than this. 'Tis the season, I suppose. Um, yea?

So now I think I have a permanent case of the heeby jeebies.

I wouldn't be so creeped out, except these things like to hide in your clothes and shoes, and give really nasty, festering bites. I won't post pics here, because they really are gross, but if you're curious, just google hobo spider bites, or you can go here. The pics on that site are NOT for those with weak stomachs. You have been warned.

So, how is summer treating all of you? Any exciting critter encounters? :)


  1. *shudders*

    *shudders again*

    *and again*

    *and..* you get the idea.

    So glad I haven't had to deal with that this summer. (Though my bedroom back at my mom's flooded yesterday. So there is that. Sigh.)

  2. +JMJ+

    OMG!!! I'd freak out every minute of every day if one of those crawled ot from under my keyboard!

  3. Heh. A palmetto bug tries to crawl in bed with us at least once a week. Luckily, I haven't seen any spiders inside in months, but my husband brought in a ginormous bumblebee in his shirt the other day.

    Can't wait til the weather gets colder. Then ALL the bugs will want to come in my house. *shudder*

  4. Creepy. I like how you have the penny beside it for scaling purposes " P

  5. I would move immediately.

    This post will give me nightmares for weeks. Weeks!

  6. Eeeks! *peeks under keyboard*
    About a month ago something bit me during the night. It itched and festered and got real big, scaring me almost into going to urgent care. I survived but I still have a dime-size purple mark where it bit me. I'm sure it was a spider but have no idea what variety. I really wish they wouldn't do that.

  7. Well, now you've given me a permanent case of the heebie jeebies too! Yikes.

  8. I love spiders, but this post just made me scan my walls and freak out!