Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well, It's Official....

I am now the mother of a teenager. Does this somehow make me more qualified to write YA? Just looking for the upside. ;)

Happy birthday to my favorite son! You can stop growing up now.


  1. Aw! Did he read the Red Pyramid yet? I stole that book from my husband's boss's kid (only while he was playing his handheld), and almost didn't give it back. Thinking of downloading it...

    Tell him Happy Birthday!

  2. Guh, I forgot, he's a teenager now, so reading MG books is probably so passe. ;)

  3. Happy birthday to him.

    Just wait until he brings home his first teenage girlfriend. Trust me, its nothin' but fun LOL.

  4. Happy birthday to him! I have bad news. They don't stop growing up. I recently officially became the mother of an adult. *gasp*

  5. Thanks, Tere! I'll be sure to tell him. :) I got him The Red Pyramid for his birthday last year and The Throne of Fire (book 2) this year. He asked for it specifically. He's a huge Rick Riordan fan. Also got him The Lost Hero. He's wanted that one for a while. I love that he asks for books for his birthday and Christmas. :)

    Eric: Thanks! And um, I'm trying not to think about that yet. ;)

    Angie: No, don't say that. Time goes by too fast. :)

  6. Oh, wow! Happy birthday to him!

  7. Happy Birthday to him! And good luck ; P

  8. Wow! They grow up so fast.

    I'm making my kids take up cigarettes. You know, to stunt their growth.

    Hope he had a great birthday!