Monday, June 29, 2009

Three more months of this?


  1. Air-conditioning is the best invention. ;)


    I'm from Washington state, so I broke into a sweat just looking at that. And cried a little for you.

    *hands you a cold beer to put on your neck*

  3. I got in my car last week and, after my face almost melted off, took a picture of my dashboard. Mine was 101, and I thought I was going to die. Right there, in the courthouse parking lot.

    Melt into a puddle. Just like the Wicked Witch.

    I feel your pain. It's brutal.

  4. Tere--Yes, air conditioning is awesome, but paying for it is painful. As of this week, it's officially too humid for the swamp cooler. :(

    Becca--Thanks for the sympathy. Washington is on our short list of possible summer home locations. Someday, when I'm rich. :)

    jessjordan--I think anything over 100 is pure torture. And getting into your car in the afternoon--that's the worst!

  5. Holy Moses, 115?!?! Ouch.

    Well, when we visit friends in AZ, I always lose weight because I can't stand to eat when I'm that hot. That's something good at least, right?

  6. Tess--Yeah. It would be nice if that worked for me. I guess I've lived here too long. My great dane always loses weight in the summer. :)

  7. Blergh! Humidity stinks when it gets hot!