Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WIP Wednesday - I'm a wreck

Well, I said yesterday that my revisions were complete and that's all I'm going to say about that today. Nothing else to report and I'm so tired of talking about it. Kind of hate the thing right now.

Even with my disgruntled feelings for my ms, I decided to test the waters a little today with my query. Since it would be too easy to just pick a few agents that rep what I write and send the queries and first five pages out, I went through and found several that specifically state query letter only (no sample pages) and sent my query out to them to see what kind of responses I get. Then, if it's a bunch of rejects, I'll know that it's probably the query that's the problem, and I'll know what needs to be fixed.

I realize this logic may not be solid, but I can't seem to make myself do it without analyzing it to death. This is how I deal. Don't judge. ;)

Now, I'm feeling a little batty. Every time my email pings, my heart gets all fluttery. It's really annoying.

So, how are things going for you? Making good progress?


  1. EEK! That's so exciting that you sent some queries out :).

    I think a little overanalyzing is a good thing. At least you care, right? Agents can tell when someone's researched what to do and making a good effort.

    Good luck! I hope your query rocks their socks!

  2. Queries are stressful yet addicting! Good luck!

  3. May the query gods be with you :)

  4. Becca--Thanks for helping me rationalize my neurotic behavior. :)

    T. Anne--I totally get the addicting aspect. Hitting send on the first one was like having a tooth pulled, but after the first few, I had to set a limit. Now I'm itching to send more out. Thanks for the support!

    Tess--Thank you!

  5. I second and third and fourth all of that :) I panicked the first time I hit "send" for an equery. I wanted to take it all back, just KNEW it was dreadful and wanted a do-over. Then decided ehh ... maybe I'll send out one more. One more turned into about 10, so I, too, set a limit. And then I panicked. Refreshed my email for DAYS, just waiting to see something pop up. When it did, panicked even MORE.

    Of course, now I know that story sucked and I was writing in entirely the wrong voice for me, but hey ... it was a learning experience all the same, and I like to think I'm a better writer for it.

    Best of luck to you!

  6. Good luck on that! And keep us posted. :D