Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I'm totally into my rewrite right now, so I'm unplugging for the next week and a half. I'll be back March 27th for my blog chain post and then back to the regular schedule on the 28th.

And in case you missed it, I'm having a book giveaway. Be sure to check it out! :)

Happy writing, everyone!


  1. You'll be missed! Well, not by me, of course, since I'm gonna try to get some major drafting done Saturday and then email you to complain how little work I've gotten done.

    Hope you get everything accomplished!

  2. Good luck with rewrites, Abby! See you back, at the end of the month <3

  3. Good luck with the rewrites. See you when you get back.

  4. Good luck with the rewrites! :)

    See you when you return.