Monday, May 11, 2009

Unexpected Side Effects

I saw Star Trek on Friday and it was awesome! I’m not a Star Trek fan. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a full episode, so I think that says a lot for the movie. It still had some of the corny lines that scream Star Trek, but I understand it’s necessary to stay true to the fans. The movie was incredible, regardless.

We also went to see X-Men Origins, which I thought was okay, but my husband filled me in on all the things that were wrong with it as we left the theater. As a long time Wolverine fan, he wasn’t happy with the creative license taken. Blogger Eric gave a more in depth explanation here. It contains spoilers, so don’t read it if you still intend to see the movie.

The side effects I’ve been noticing have nothing to do with these movies individually, but apply more to movies and TV as a whole. I can no longer watch anything without breaking it down to its base components--protagonist, antagonist, plot, subplots, are the villains sympathetic (The TV show Flashpoint does a great job of creating sympathetic villains.), how does it start, does it suck you in, is the interaction between the characters believable, etc., etc. Yes, I annoy myself too, and my husband :). I’ve always over-analyzed movies, as can be seen in this post about Terminator and time travel, that’s just the way my brain works, but it’s getting worse.

And then there’s the way critiquing has affected my reading. There are certain books I just can’t read anymore, because I find myself critiquing the writing and the plot--or lack of plot--like I’m some sort of writing expert. (I’m not, in case the sarcasm was unclear.)

So, does anyone else do this? Are these side effects normal?


  1. We went and saw star trek this weekend too. We took D on a date for his bday. He actually wanted to see 17 again the most (which I had already seen adn really liked :) ), but Dave would have none of that. I didn't love it, but for a non-sci-fi person, I thought it was ok. Dave said he didn't like at all, and as for taking my 11 yr old... well... I wouldn't do that again! Thankfully, he was really quick on covering his eyes. He got there before I could!

  2. When I'm in heavy crit mode, it affects how I'm reading as well. You're not alone. ;-)

  3. Cheryl--My son was bummed when I told him he wouldn't be seeing it or X-Men. It's so hard to be a kid when your parents are so mean. :)

  4. Oh my gosh, THIS! I do exactly this with whatever I'm reading now, and it makes me a little nutty :P.

    I used to enjoy poorly written fantasy like a light snack, but now it just feels like junk food.

    We've been corrupted! ;)