Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Can't Leave You Guys Alone for a Second!

So, I unplugged last week only to come back and find everyone had publishing deals.

Okay, so maybe not everyone, but it was a busy week! Congratulations to Christine Fonseca, and Lisa and Laura Roecker! You ladies rock! There was one more, but apparently that news has been put on hold temporarily. Guess we'll come back to that later. :)

And don't miss Lisa and Laura's Kindle Giveaway! Contest ends Friday, November 13th, at midnight, so go now. Hurry! Check out their blog while you're there. Very funny stuff over there.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Thanks for the shout out Abby! I think you need to go offline more often! Good things seem to happen while you're gone!

  2. Yes, lot's of exciting things happening here.

  3. LiLa: Thanks! What? Hey, wait a second... :)

    Susan: Makes it hard to unplug.

  4. Ha! That all happened during unplug week? Wow! (I also know of quite a few who signed with agents last week!)

  5. Hey, you've had a busy week, too, Abby. How is querying coming? ;)

  6. I know, amazing week hey. Hope you enjoyed your unplugged time :)

  7. I know! I feel like I've been missing out on everything!

  8. I know! Lot's of fabulous stuff going on! It's truly awesome! I wonder if the third person you know is the one I'm thinking of?

    And glad you can't get enough of us, cause we can't get enough of you either! =D

  9. Seriously, people are going to be sending you offline more often.

    "Oh Abby...I'm querying soon, can you be a dear and vanish for a spell?"

  10. Corey: I totally missed everything! :)

    Tere: Queries are out, and now the waiting begins. It's already been like 48 hours. Why haven't they all responded?! ;D

    Tabitha: Thanks. It was a pretty productive week.

    Natalie: I know. Kind of makes you think twice about taking time away.

    Sara: Thanks! You're awesome!

    Anissa: What about me? Who do I get to send away so I can get an agent and get published? ;)

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