Monday, November 9, 2009

Critiques Are Like Crack

I hope that title doesn't offend anyone. :) Everybody cool? Moving on.

I'm totally addicted to critiques. I love getting feedback on my writing. All feedback. Good, bad, ugly, whatever. Sure, sometimes, critiques make me feel like crap, but they're so awesome for showing me all the areas in which I'm sucking*. Then my mind starts churning, and I get all excited, because I know I'm becoming a better writer as a result. And therein lies** the high. ;) Just say no to crack, kids. That stuff is bad news. But critiques? They're all good.

So, what about you? How do you feel about critiques? Love? Hate? A little of both?

*This post reminded me of this commercial. It's definitely sucking. I love it! :) Critiques kind of feel like this, right?

**Does anyone know if that sentence is grammatically correct? (Ignore the conjunction starting the sentence. I did that on purpose.) MS Word is telling me it should be lays. The whole lay/lie business can be very confusing, but that sounds totally wrong to me (which could be because it's kind of cliche phrasing), and it just makes me think of potato chips.


  1. for me, critiques are like getting dental fillings - i avoid them at all cost until they're absolutely necessary, and i need lots of novicaine before i get one. (now you know why it was so hard for me to join our group - editing has been fun, but when it's my turn... sigh)

    my addiction is to first drafting. it's right up there with... well, nevermind. this is a public blog.

  2. You are one funny girl. Really. I love these posts where your amazing personality shines through.

  3. For me, critiques are more like a slap in the face with a bucket of water. I'm usually overconfident about my work until the critiques come and tell me where I need work. So they're a necessary ego smack-down in my world.

    Except my NaNo, which yea verily does sucketh the most.

  4. LOL! Yeah, sometimes they're like crack and sometimes they're like brussel sprouts. Bleh. :)

  5. I love critiques! I hate the lie/lay dilemma. I never can figure it out.

  6. I love critiques, too. I just don't trust my own opinion unless I have something to compare it to, like a critique.

    Lynnette Labelle

  7. LOL! I agree, they are extremely addicting. There's nothing like some good feedback to get you high. :)

  8. ROFL I LOVE that commercial! Way funny :)

    I love critiques too. Especially the down and dirty ones--the ones that really hurt at first, but push you to the extreme of your abilities, FORCING you to improve.

    It's the whole "hurts so good" thing. Or "No pain, no gain."

  9. I find critiques helpful. At first, I assumed they (the critiquers) were always right. I've since learned that I don't have to agree to every change. I make the ones that feel right to me and leave the others (unless several people come back with the same comment).

    I try to avoid all use of lie/lay because it’s so confusing.

  10. Michelle: Okay, now I'm kind of scared for when you start posting your stuff over on WN. I'll have to remember to be super nice so you don't hate me. :)

    Suz: Thank you! You totally made my day. Not everyone appreciates my twisted sense of humor. :)

    Tere: Ah, yes. I'm feeling my NaNo yea verily doth sucketh, as well. *sigh*

    Jennifer: Too funny. But you know, even though they taste awful, brussel sprouts are good for you. :)

    Susan: I hate lay/lie. Makes me crazy.

    Lynnette: It is so hard to see the areas of our own work that need improving.

    Julie: Feedback is awesome. At least in the long run. ;)

    Ali: I love that. Hurts so good. That's exactly it. :)

  11. i was afraid you would say that. being in a crit group is going to be very good for me.

  12. Jane: I agree. You have to get to the point where you can decide which one's are right for you and which one's aren't. And I don't think I could avoid using lay/lie. As confusing as they are, sometimes they're just necessary.

    Michelle: Just remember, it's all to make your ms shinier, and not because we just like to be mean. :)

  13. Lol, love the video. :D And you are awesome to love critiques so much. This is my critique video:

    Critiques can knock me down, but I always get back up again. :D

  14. I love getting a crit as well. Sometimes it's hard stuff to hear, but like you said, I feel like I learn something each time.

    Also, I think things "lay" people "lie". I believe that's the rule. What irritates me is that lay is the past tense of lie and laid is the past tense of lay. So he lay down instead of laid down--i hate how that sounds.

  15. I really enjoy a good critique

    good being the operative word

    I've had both -- I'm not saying that they have to love my work. But, they have to know my genre and follow the rules.

  16. Roni: It's that past tense stuff that gets me confused too.

    Tess: I guess it does make a difference who the critter is. Guess I've just been really lucky. I love all my critters. :)