Monday, November 30, 2009

Crazy Lady, Reporting for Blog Duty

I have nothing productive to contribute to the blogosphere today, so I thought I'd let you in on all the wonderful things I learned while I was unplugged.

1. I do my best thinking in the bathtub. Not really sure why.

2. Being unplugged actually increases my desire to read blogs. So, maybe I peeked at a few... ;)

3. The first 3/4 of my first chapter is unnecessary, so guess what? I'm rewriting it. Again. I know you're all super shocked. :P

4. Querying + Other Stress = Ultra Super Neurotic Crazy Lady --No, I'm not exaggerating. All the sane people in my family keep shaking their heads and refuse to look me in the eye, so it must be true. ;)

5. Since my husband has implored me to hold off on all things writerly until after the holidays, I have this overwhelming urge to write. All kinds of unexpected ideas have been popping into my head. Why do you suppose that is?

6. And I can't leave out NaNo. Poor neglected NaNo. Yes, today is the last day. Unfortunately, unless I can come up with another 41,000 words before midnight, I'm not a winner. Bummer. Maybe there's some correlation between this one and #5. Hmm.

So, my question for today is: Where do you do your best thinking?

Happy Monday, everyone! Good to be back!


  1. Hi! In the car.

    And I write on notebooks when husband is being a cranky.

  2. I do my best thinking in the shower and when I'm brushing my teeth. (Two separate things, I assure you.)

    First chapters are a pain, eh? I've chopped almost 20 pages from mine, but it's much better now.

  3. Mmm, I took a nice long bath this morning, thinking about the revisions I finished yesterday. Something about the water stimulates brain activity, I think.

    I second the notebook idea. And a little distance between you and Embrol can't hurt.

    Glad you survived Thanksgiving!

  4. Like Suzy, in the car. I think it's because I usually have music on, and music is such an inspiration to me.

  5. The bathtub, the car, laying in bed trying to go to sleep :)

    And I so understand the first chapter rewriting. I rewrote mine about 100 times (and half of those were WHILE I was querying!)

  6. I do my best thinking in the shower, while folding laundry, when I'm drifting off to sleep, and even when I'm writing! Lots of ideas hit me when I'm talking with my kids.

    It's great that ideas are popping into your head! Write them down for later! :)

    I totally get the rewriting thing. I'm rewriting my ending.

  7. Walking alone like on the beach or mountain or around a lake, I come up with all kinds of ideas. Whole scenes write themselves in my head, so I keep tiny notebooks in my pocket.
    As for first chapters...I don't know how many times I've rewritten mine. It's hard to find the right place, the perfect moment for lift-off.
    Glad you're back!

  8. Agreeing w/ shower and bathtub thinking! I think the hot water helps me relax, and then my brain is free to wander.

    Glad to have you back, even if you're crazy ;). That just means you'll fit in even better with the rest of us. Bwahahaha!

    I hope you had a great holiday!

  9. Definitely in the shower!!! I tell myself I'm gonna get some of those bath crayons and keep them in there!!

  10. Best thinking spots for me:
    1. shower
    2. while driving
    3. laying in bed either right before I fall asleep or right when I wake up.

    I think it's because my mind is so full all other times that I can't actually think.

  11. Stephanie--I love the bath crayons idea!! :D

  12. Suzy: That's funny. Does your husband's crankiness actually help? ;)

    Stephanie Thornton: Funny, but I was picturing those simultaneously before you clarified. :) Yea for your chopping. Sometimes it really hard to let those words go.

    Tere: Distance? What's that? ;)

    Susan: The car works for me too, as long as I'm alone. Though, I tend to forget a lot of that, because I don't get it written down.

    Natalie: I'm so glad I'm not the only one. :)

    Dawn: Ah, yes. The ending. I've rewritten mine several times as well. Good luck with yours!

    Tricia: Thanks! Walking on the beach sounds awesome. Too bad I don't have one of those here. :)

    Becca: Good to know I'm not the only one who needs to be committed, I mean, good to know I'm among friends. ;)

    Stephanie: I love the bath crayon idea! Awesome!

    Elana: I've had many nights when I couldn't sleep until I got up and wrote down the craziness in my head. :) And I totally get the full brain thing.

  13. Welcome back! I like Suzy's idea of notebook writing for cranky husbands.

  14. Glad you're back Abby! I loved your title - HAD to come read anything that fell under that header, lol.

    Writing thinking for me? The car, probably. Also, any time I'm listening to music, particularly if I'm moving my body. I think it's like Elana said ... if my mind is emptied of most of the junk that distracts me, it's much easier to actually THINK.

    Umm, good luck with number 5? I think that would only make you crazier ...

  15. LiLa: Thanks!

    Ali: Music is good for me too, depending on the type of music. And I'm afraid you might be right on about #5. :)