Saturday, October 8, 2011

Blog Chain: Critter Love

This round of the chain was started by Sarah. She asked:

Do you work with critique partners? How did you find your crit pals, and what influence have they had on your work?

I have to say, I smiled when I read this round's topic. This is an easy one for me. :)

Yes, I have critique partners. I belong to a the best critique group with three awesome writers. Love you, Tere, Plamena, and Jade! I also have a few other people who I've swapped manuscripts with and gotten great, honest feedback.

My longest standing crit partners (and writerly friends) I met through Query Tracker. If you're looking for critters, QT is an excellent place to start. Lots of helpful folks over there. I think I've found all my other critters through blogging or through other crit partners.

Having crit partners has had a HUGE impact on my writing. Sure, it was super scary putting my work out there for the first time, but I don't think I ever would've realized what a crapfest my first draft was without the awesome people who were willing to read and comment on that crapfest. And no, crapfest is not an exaggeration. It was so bad. The people who read it and didn't tell me it was hopeless should be given medals. And chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. ;)

And the emotional and mental support I've received from my crit partners (especially Tere--you rock!) can't be measured. I really could not do this writing thing without them. 

I've heard horror stories about critique partners from Hell, so I consider myself truly blessed that I've connected with so many great writers and gotten so much helpful feedback. And now I'm totally addicted to critiques. Seriously, I think I might like feedback a little too much. ;)

I know I've shared this before, but I believe this commercial shows the critique process very well--painful, but necessary--and it makes me laugh every time I watch it. :)

What about you? Do you have crit partners? How have they influenced you?

Be sure to check out Christine's post from yesterday and Amparo's post tomorrow. :)


  1. I agree that critique partners have really helped me improve my work.

  2. Aww, I am totally lucky to have a critter like you, Abby! (I'll try to check my gushing when it's my turn to blog on this topic.)

    No writer is an island. We need feedback, and time away from every project. Constructive criticism is imperative to my creative process. :)

    Thanks again, Abby!

  3. LOL great commercial :D And yes, I would be one miserable little writer without my crit partners :)

  4. I have often felt a little too addicted to critiques as well.

  5. Constructive criticism - a wonderful word! And crit partners provide that, at least the good ones do.

  6. There is NOTHING like good crit partners--especially when it comes to getting sensitive feedback on that first crappy novel.

  7. I forgot to go into more detail about how I found my partners, but this is a great post. Thanks, Abby!

  8. Crit partners are everything and I'm addicted to feedback too!

  9. I have had crit partners who did not work, but it was because we did not care for each other's genre. I think it is imperative for every writer to have someone with whom to share and discuss writing.

  10. I love crit partners. Your feedback helped me a lot! Thanks again.

    I learn a lot from beta comments even if I don't agree with them. But I also learn a lot from being a beta. Seeing, other's crisp writing, or even sloppy writing helps.

    No matter how many times I hand over my work, it still makes my stomach hurt, waiting for those first comments. Still, I wouldn't trade it for anything.
    Great post!

  11. I'd be lost without mine, that is for certain!

  12. Great post. I feel most of the time like I'm still in that craptastic phase, but maybe I do need to take the plunge.

  13. I'm so thrilled to see so many of us have found our CPs through QT. I think it's a testament to the camaraderie among writers. :)

  14. I'd be totally lost without my crit partners!