Friday, May 21, 2010

Random Craziness

Somehow, I managed to reach 200 followers! I honestly never thought I'd get past 100, so this is awesome. And to show just how awesome I think all of you are, my lovely followers, a contest is coming. I just have to get a few things squared away first. So be sure to check back.

Also, is "Followers (202)" orange for all of you? Up until yesterday it matched the rest of my blog. I don't know why it changed, and it's driving me crazy that I can't change it back. Yes, this is something I'm obsessing over. Isn't that normal? ;)

In other good news, I finally figured out the end of my story. Yea! I sat down Wednesday night and wrote down a very rough outline thingy ;) and hopefully, I'll have the brain power to finish it up over the next week or so, which will put me right in line with my goal to have it finished by the end of the month. So no big deal that I took a break for a month, right?

And I have a job interview Monday morning. First job I've interviewed for since 2003, so I'm freaking out a little. Life's getting interesting. :)

Finally, in honor of my son turning twelve on Wednesday, I give you this. Twelve may not technically make him a teenager, but this is still freakishly accurate. Enjoy! :)

Have a great weekend, all!


  1. Congrats, Abby, on reaching 200 + followers. Yeah, my followers thing is in orange, and has been since I put it up about a month ago.

    Also, congrats on finding an ending to your story. That's a huge reason to celebrate. :D

    I'll have to watch the video later. It's only 5:30 am (msd), and my kids are asleep.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. The big 200! That awesome and well deserved! Can't wait to see what you have cooked up for us.

    And YAY for finding the end of your story! Was in under the bed? :)

  3. Congrats on 200 followers! That's wonderful! :D And good luck on your job interview!

  4. congrats on your 200 followers!! And figuring out your ending! Super awesome.

    good luck on your interview!

    Have a great weekend!!

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  6. Congrats on the followers, and on surviving long enough to have an almost teenage son. ;)

    As for the orange font, that was all me. I used my witchcraft on it. Mwah hah hah!

  7. 200 followers! Yippee! Congrats on figuring out the end of your story. Wish I could. Good luck with your job interview. The video was hilarious. As the mom of five sons (two of which are teenagers and one almost twelve), I thought it was really quite accurate. Except I don't know what marmite is????

  8. Yes, the followers is orange, but it's not freaking me out. And oy! My son will be 12 soon -- sooo not looking forward to that!

    And yay that you found the ending! I love it when that happens.

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  10. THat vid was so funny! What is it about English accents that make the speaker so devilishly charming?

  11. Oops, I misunderstood. But I thought that was such a funny vid, thanks for sharing and happy birthday to him! <3

    Happy followers, Abby! :)

  12. Congrats on the followers and finishing, and good luck with the interview. :)

  13. I followed you! (You're the first person I've followed on these blog things : O I'm not really the following type : P) Maybe it's orange now cuz, like, you've reached a whole new level of followers. Ok, probably not, but it might make you feel better.

    Yay for your story!

    And Happy Birthday to your son. The video was really funny.

  14. Congrats on 200! And yes, it's orange. Finding endings to stories is always a good thing. Cute video. Thanks for sharing.

  15. OOH! Good luck on the interview!
    Also, yes the "followers" is orange for me

  16. Congratulations on reaching over 200 followers and coming up with the ending of your story! Two things worth celebrating for sure. Good luck with your interview and Happy Birthday to your son.

  17. It's orange but says 204. See, you're still raking in the followers. :)

    Good luck on the job interview. You'll do great!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse