Thursday, September 17, 2009

One Hit Wonder

I’m a numbers girl. Yes, this a writing blog, but my first love was numbers. I love to make spreadsheets and have everything balance perfectly. When we switched to a different plan on our power service, I made a spreadsheet and checked our meter every day to compare numbers to make sure we were saving money. I’m cool. I know. Many people are jealous of my coolness.

If I had stayed in college and graduated, I probably would’ve been a math major. Then I would’ve gotten bored with it, and well, we’ll save that discussion for another time.

The point is I pay close attention to numbers. I always know how many followers I have, how many comments I have on my current blog post, and how many hits I have on Statcounter. I’m also always aware of my “high scores” on all of these. So, yesterday, when I beat all my high scores I was pretty excited. Until today.

Yesterday’s post was a bigger hit than I expected. Granted, it wasn’t like I doubled my numbers or anything, but I was happy with the response. Now I’m thinking, “Oh crap. How am I going to live up to that? Everyone will be coming here expecting me to be funny and interesting, and all they’re getting are lame, rambling posts about numbers. Ack! The pressure!” And with pressure comes a sudden inability to come up with anything interesting. I think my brain jumped out of my head and ran away. And I don’t think it’ll be returning anytime soon.

What’s a girl to do?

So, I’m wondering. Do you ever feel like this? Like there are expectations out there based on something you’ve done previously—or maybe something someone else has done—that you’ll never be able to meet? Even if the expectations are only a product of your own imagination? ;)


  1. Umm, to answer your question: Yes. All the time. Like, right now even.

    And of course ... now I've gotta go read your brilliant post from yesterday because I wasn't one of your numbers yesterday ;) I like to be unique like that.

    But then, being unique is a whole different level of expectation. How can one possibly be special every single day?

    Loved your number stuff. You are cool ;) Wanna come balance my checkbook for me?

  2. I am a total number nerd. Excel spreadsheets are awesome. Formulas are fun. And I even take random numbers (like license plates) and rearrange them in my head so they make mathematical sense.

    That means I've also felt the pressure of keeping numbers up, not because I want to be popular, but who wants to see your numbers fail?

  3. You are every bit as delightful today as yesterday, although I will say that was a super post. But, you know what? It came from you and so will many more.

  4. yes! almost every time i sit down to work on my sequel i'm thinking...

    no one knew i was writing the first one and they ended up reading it anyway. they liked it. everyone knows i'm writing this one.

    will they like it? will they think the story is at least as good as the last one? will they like what i've done with my characters? will they notice that my writing skills have improved, that i put "said" in the right place now, that i didn't use as much telling this time, that my plot and character arches are better this time?

  5. Ali: Thanks for reaffirming my coolness. ;)

    MeganRebekah: Ha! I do that too. It drives me crazy when they're in the wrong order.

    Tricia: Thank you!

    Michelle: I totally understand. I'm afraid that's how I'll be if, I mean, when ;) I get published.

  6. Yes, I always have high expectations. And it's stressful! But there are going to be high-number days and low and that's just the way it goes. (Ooh, I rhymed.) I love numbers, too. Databases are a particular passion.

  7. on the numbers thing - they make me want to go screaming into the night. i'd much rather work with words.