Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WIP Wednesday - Should be TWIP

For Train Wreck in Progress. Seriously, why do I do this to myself?

As I often like to do, just for kicks, I've taken on more than I have time for this week. So, a few things have slipped down on my priority list. Like blogging. Things should be back to normal by Monday, but my online presence may be a bit sporadic this week, in case you haven't noticed already.

Just a few things to report.

I entered the Secret Agent contest on Miss Snark's First Victim. It's basically the same 250ish word opening I posted here a while back with just a few minor changes. I'm entry #11, if you want to check it out. Just the idea is making me a little sick, but, at the same time, I'm so excited for the feedback. So, I'll be stressing about that all day.

Regarding my WIP--I was pretty sure my revisions were done, just needing one more sweep for typos and such. Then I got the brilliant idea to add a couple of short scenes to my last chapter and beef up one scene in the second to last chapter, adding almost 1800 words, and pushing my word count into the next tax bracket (no longer in the 80,000 range, now at the bottom of the 90,000 range). It's annoying me, but I think it wraps everything up a little better now.

I'll be back for sure on Friday with a review for Elana's new ebook that will be released next Monday. Be sure to swing by to check it out.

So, what's happening with all of you? Any news to report? Progress on your WIP?

I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday!


  1. Life's like that sometimes, eh?

    Good luck with Miss Snark. I've gotta do that one of these days.

    And congrats on your WIP!

  2. I've been trying to revise my ms based on some feedback from beta readers, and my word count has gone up, too. Urg! I'll now be looking for some othe places to cut. Hope things calm down for you soon.

  3. Ooh, Abby I'll go check out your soon as I get home. :)

  4. Good luck with the contest. I entered, too, and now all I can see is how many adjectives pepper my manuscript. Pepper, hell, it's more like gravy!

    *sigh* And I was feeling so good this morning because I only have another seventy pages of Embrol to crit.

    As for my WiP-- what WiP? It's been so long since I worked on it, I've totally lost the awesome flow I had going. Can I complain a little more?

    On the bright side, your entry looks great!

  5. Ali: Thanks!

    Lazy Writer: Thanks! Good luck on your revisions!

    Elana: Thanks for the support over there. :)

    Tere: I'm right there with you on your WIP. Had a good momentum going and it just fizzled out. So annoying. Feel free to complain all you want. ;D I sent you a nice complainy email for you to enjoy. :)

  6. I'm revising. Best of luck with the opening feedback! That must be pretty intense. I'll have to try it some time!

  7. MC: Thanks! Intense is a good word for it. "Brutal" was running through my head all day, but the feedback was very helpful, so I really can't complain. Just feeling a little overwhelmed and beaten down. Good luck on your revisions!