Monday, September 14, 2009

Who ♥'s Monday? Raise your hand...

Why am I the only one with my hand up?

Okay, so maybe it's not normal for me to like Monday so much, but it's the one day of the week that I'm completely alone. All day. No work, no kids, and lots of quiet writing time. Woohoo! That's the main reason I got all screwed up last week. All you Monday workers had to have your holiday, and it threw my whole week off. Just kidding. About the blame, not about my week being a mess.

Anyway. With my goal date looming (tomorrow), I'm going to focus on my revisions today. I don't think I'm close enough to be done by tomorrow, but it's very, very close. Yeah, yeah. I know I said I was close before, but crazy week last week, remember? And is it ever really done? Really?

That is all, my friends. Here's a little brainless humor to make your Monday a little brighter! Enjoy! :)


  1. I.... am not.... a fan! (of Mondays.. the clip, however, was hilarious. Where is your query, btw? Send!

  2. Monday's are not as bad as say.... oh wait....

  3. I looove Mondays...thank you, thank you, all you teachers out there who take my kids!

  4. I wish I had Mondays off. Lucky. ;)

    I was wondering how your query was shaping up, too.

  5. Good job with your revisions. I know you can make it to the end. :)

    And I love Mondays too. I don't have to work on Mondays. Double nice.

  6. Now that I'm not working in a pharmacy, MOndays are TONS better.
    PS. Loved the video!

  7. Ooo Ooo me me me!!! I LOVE Mondays :D Kids go back to school...just preschool and kindergarten, but I get 3 whole hours all by my little lonesome. I cry when Friday rolls around, srsly :D

  8. Suzanne: It's not quite there yet. I'll send it soon.

    T.Anne: There must be something good about Monday. No? :)

    Anita: That's hilarious! I feel the same way. :)

    Tere: Jealous much? JK! ;) That makes me think of Napolean Dynamite. Lucky.

    Oh, the accursed query. I'm trying to decide whether to put it up on QT. Then I'd have to do some query critiques, and just thinking about that ties my stomach in knots. Not really my thing. We'll see. If you really want to see it, I'll send it to you. :)

    Elana: Ooo. You're lucky like me. :)

    Jennifer: Oh, I bet. Mondays must have been crazy!

    Michelle: I feel a little sad on Friday too. :) Except that's my other day off, so it has its upside. I remember the first day all three of my kids were in school full time. Good day. It's great to be alone and not be, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" complete with poking, for a few hours. :)

  9. Mondays are full of hope and possibility. They are fresh and new and bright.

  10. Monday is almost over! Thank goodness! That video is hilarious. I love how he stands up at the end and dances around like he planned it that way.

  11. I would like Mondays too if I had them to myself all day.

  12. Tess: What a nice thought. Thank you! :)

    MC: The more times I watch that, the more I think he did plan it. I don't know.

    JosiahsMommy: I remember those days. Hang in there. Those precious moments will be over before you know it. Though I can't say I didn't celebrate a little when I did finally get to be alone for several hours at a time, on a regular schedule. :)

  13. Good luck with your goals!

    *mutters about Mondays*