Thursday, April 29, 2010

Holy Frijoles, There Are a Lot of Blogfests Going On! And Some Contests Too...

On the contest front:

1. Don't miss Steph Bowe's contest. It ends Friday, and if she reaches 1000 followers, she's giving away SIX prizes. She's super close, so go now!

2. Palindrome is having a contest, but you must be a follower by May 1st to participate. Check out the details here.

3. Shaun Hutchinson is giving away an ARC of his novel THE DEATHDAY LETTER. Drawing to be held on May 1st. He's also up today in the blog chain, so be sure to check out his post. :)

4. Sarahjayne Smythe at Writing in the Wilderness is giving away awesome gift cards to celebrate reaching 150 followers. Ends April 30th.

5. Awesome contest over at GotYA. Enter to win a 30-page critique from Taylor Martindale of Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency. Ends April 30th.

6. Rachel Bateman is giving away signed copies of THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH by Carrie Ryan, AS YOU WISH by Jackson Pierce, and THE SECRET YEAR by Jennifer Hubbard. Ends April 30th.

7. Stina and Steena are having a joint contest to win some cool stuff, including gift cards! Ends May 3rd.

8. Terresa Wellborn at The Chocolate Chip Waffle is having a fun contest to win some cute hair bows. Ends May 3rd.

I know there are more, but this post is getting SO long. These are the ones that I know of that are ending soon. I'll do another post next week with more.

And look at all these blogfests:

1. Lilah Pierce is hosting the Last Line Blogfest on Saturday, May 1st. If you haven't signed up yet, there's still time.

2. Charity Bradford is hosting the Baking Blogfest on Saturday, May 1st. Post your favorite cooking scene. :)

3. Raquel Byrnes is hosting the Primal Scream Blogfest on Wednesday, May 5th. Post your most heart pumping scene.

4. Andrew Rosenberg (Iapetus999) is hosting the Bad Girl Blogfest on Friday, May 7th.

5. Mia is hosting the Deleted Scene Blogfest on Monday, May 10th.

6. The Alliterative Allomorph is hosting the Internal Conflict Blogfest on Wednesday, May 12th.

7. Critique This is hosting the Flirt Fest Blogfest on Sunday, May 16th.

8. Roni at Fiction Groupie is hosting the Let's Talk Blogfest on Tuesday, May 18th. This is your chance to show off your awesome dialogue skills. :)

9. Katie M. Stout is hosting the Man, I Love College Blogfest on Wednesday, May 19th.

10. Bryan is hosting the Logline/Hook Line Blogfest on Saturday, May 22nd.

11. Amalia is hosting the Dream Sequence Blogfest on Friday, June 4th.

Did I miss any? If you want me to add something, let me know in the comments or email me using the Contact link above. :)


  1. Thanks for that plug! That's awesome. I'll go check out some of the others now ... :)

  2. Boy, it must have taken forever to put up all of those links!

    Thanks for posting: now to enter some of them...

  3. gosh, all those ways to put off writing.

  4. Holy crap, you weren't kidding. That's a lot of contests and fests!


  5. HOLY WOW, batman! Look at all those blogfests. Thanks for getting them all in the same place.

  6. Holy crap. I'm intimidated by the sheer number of blogfests! Thanks for the linkage to the contests. :)

  7. Thanks for linking to me and for all the other info as well. There is a lot going on! :)

  8. Thanks for the mention! That's definitely an impressive list!