Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Cool to be a Nerd

I was given the Word Nerd award aka the Awesome Writer Friend award, by my super awesome crit buddy and friend, Rebecca Knight. Not to downplay the other awards I’ve gotten, but this is the COOLEST AWARD EVER!! She made it especially for me, so how could I not see it that way? Thanks so much, Becca! I would totally give it back, if I could. You're the absolute coolest! :D (BTW, Becca, I don’t think it’s ugly at all. Looks very retro. And retro is cool. Trust me. I know cool. ;) Plus, that chick looks just like me.)

Okay, so I’m kind of glad I can’t give it back, because then I would have to choose between my two best writer friends, and that would suck.

So, are you all curious who the recipient will be? Or did you skip ahead? Here goes. Are you ready? Huh, huh? Okay, I’m done being annoying. :)

I would like to bestow this lovely award upon Miss TereLiz of The Lesser Key. Thanks for all of your amazing help and for being such a great friend! My book wouldn’t be as close to perfect as it is, without your help. ;D

Now, there are no hard and fast rules attached to this award, but feel free to pass it on to the Word Nerd of your choice, and spread the nerdy love. :D


  1. CONGRATS on your award!

    YOU deserve it!!!

  2. Wow. For once I'm speechless. Thank you so much, Abby. You're a true friend.

  3. Congratulations...much deserved!

  4. Aw, yaaay! So cool that you are using it and sharing the love! Tere, you do totally rock, so well deserved, my friend ;)!

    Also, love the new blog design!

  5. Congrats, Word Nerd! (Somehow, that makes me laugh.)

  6. Love the word nerd! Congrats.

  7. Rather than say 'congrats' like everyone else, I'll say 'Boo-ya'. Why? Just to be different. Besides, you know what I mean by now. Good job ;)

  8. Tami: Thank you!

    Tere: You're very welcome! You totally deserve it. :D

    Anita: Thank you!

    Becca: Thanks. Had to change it back. I was liking the new title, but the background was annoying me more every day. :)

    Elana: Thanks! Kewl! Love that word. :D

    Carrie: Thank you! Makes me laugh too. Never have I been so proud to be called a nerd.

    T.Anne: Thanks!

    Eric: Thanks for the shaking things up! ;D

  9. very cool award. Love it :) I think nerds and words are Faaaantastic!