Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ack! Saturday? There's no blogging on Saturday!

Ha! Yeah, right. The addiction must be fed seven days a week. I'm not in denial, though I probably should be.

I know I don't usually post on the weekend, but I wanted to let you all know that my query and first 250 words are up for critique over on Beth Revis's blog. Pop over and check it out, if you'd like. Please don't feel like you have to comment, but all thoughts will be much appreciated. :D

For those of you who've read my opening before, I'm seriously considering chopping the first scene, so what's posted may not be what you except. And it's likely I'll change it again. As often as I rewrite the stupid thing, you'd think I was addicted to that too. I'm not. Seriously. Oh, no. Wait. What if I am? Okay. Enough rambling. ;)

Hope you're all having a fantabulous weekend!

*Some good news I received as I was writing this: Abby, You've Earned $5.00 in Borders Bucks! Woohoo! Looks like we're going to the bookstore today. :D


  1. Abby,
    I'm not done yet writing up my post for today, however, I wanted to let you know I have something for you..

    I hope you except.

    HuGZ girlie,
    are you almost done with your book? I'm becoming desperate! *grin.

  2. Ha! Abby, I rewrote my opening a bazillion times, too. And I consider both of us warriors for putting them up for critique. I'm on my way over to Beth's.

  3. Tami--Thank you! And the book's done, at least for the moment. Until I decide to change something else. ;)

    Tricia--I agree. We are warriors. :D

  4. You are very brave. I am over to Beth's. I agree- warrior!

  5. Wa-hoo! You go! How very brave to post your work up like that. I'll go check it out....