Monday, February 28, 2011

Mishmash Monday: Contact Button and a Contest!!

Changing up the schedule this week. Since I have my blog chain post on Wednesday, I won't be doing my regular WTW post. So today I thought I'd do kind of a combo post. Writing and techie stuff--two of my favorite things. Aren't you excited? ;) I'll try to keep it short.

And I guess, technically, this isn't directly related to writing, but if you're looking to get published someday, it's something to think about.

After this post from Meredith Barnes, assistant to the sharkly--and possible mind reader--Janet Reid, I realized that since I changed my layout, I no longer had a contact button on my blog. Sure, you can get to my email through my Blogger profile, but according to Meredith,

Now, I don't expect to be contacted anytime soon (or ever) but it couldn't hurt. And if my email is accessible, you all can email me about WTW stuff if you have questions or features you want covered. Or whatever you want to email me about. :)

These directions are for Blogger, since that's what I'm familiar with.

Adding a contact button is pretty simple. First, upload the image you want to use to the image hosting site of your,, etc.--and copy the direct link code for the image.

Under the Design tab then Page Elements in Blogger, click on Add a Gadget and select HTML/JavaScript. Copy and paste this code into the box.

<img src=""/></a>

Make sure you update the links to show your email address and your image. Also, you have the option to add a title to the gadget, if you want, but it's not necessary. Then, just click SAVE, move the gadget to where you want it in your layout, and you're done. Easy, right?

The code above is for this image, which I'm happy to share. :)

But, since you guys are so awesome, I'm having a little contest.

The prize: A custom made button for your blog!

I can tailor it to match your blog, use an image or font of your choice, or whatever you want. I am limited by my Photoshop, since I don't have a full program (PS Elements 7--I want CS5 so bad), and everything I know is self-taught from years of fiddling with the program, but if you're the winner, I'll do my best to give you exactly what you want.

To enter, you must be a follower:
  • +1 Leave a comment on this post
  • +2 Current follower
  • +1 New follower
  • +5 Blog about it
  • +2 Tweet @abbyannis Win a custom-made contact button for your blog!
  • +2 Facebook
  • +2 Sidebar
  • +1 for adding it all up for me :)

Open internationally. Contest ends Saturday, March 12th at midnight PST. Winner will be announced Monday, March 14th, at which time I will also be announcing the HUGE CONTEST (books, books, books) I've been planning for a while. Be sure to check back for that.

So, what do you all think? Is having an easily accessible email important?


  1. It works! I did it! (followed instructions and copied and pasted. That is the limit of my computer skillz)

    Very awesome contest, also. I'll have to post about it tomorrow!

  2. This is a pretty cool contest. I tweeted it.

  3. This looks extremely cool! Count me in (new follower)! :)

  4. Great advice! And thank you for the instructions about the image. I'm not nearly as computer savvy as I like to think I could be. ;)

    And very cool contest. So I'm an old follower (+2), left a comment (+1), sidebarred it (+2) and (+1) for adding it up

    Total = 6

  5. Your contact button is so cute! I just have my email printed on my blog, but yours is much better. Fun contest!

  6. Aww! You are so sweet to offer your help. I admit I'm inept at making buttons. Count me down for five points, if I added right.

    And look at your cute new picture--I've missed your blog! Thanks for sharing that advice. I need to check my page and see if mine is prominent.


  7. Where do you get these skills? I'm constantly amazed that I managed to a write a post and hit publish.

    But yes, I would like to win a shiny blue one. If not, I'll just steal yours!

  8. What an awesome post AND contest idea, Abby! And how on earth did I lose touch with you?!

    I'm an old follower, left a comment, sidebar, and FB.

    =7 total

    Woo-hoo! :-)

  9. Oh, I wanna a custom button for my blog. That would be SWEET!

    Okay, I think I added it up to 8pts (Twittering and Facebook to come later after I pick up kids from school. But I promise it will be done. Pinky swear).

    Thanks for the awesome info. I did add some contact info to my blog after reading this and getting a few other blogger friends of mine to say put it on there stupid!


  10. Oh I missed it! Bummer. Oh well very cool anyway.