Monday, February 7, 2011

MUG Monday: Breaking Through the Wall

Since I whined about it A LOT, many of you know how much I struggled with my internal editor on my rewrite of Embrol. She just wouldn't shut up about everything I was doing wrong--a misplaced comma here, not showing enough emotion there, blah, blah, blah--and it was totally holding me back. So much so, I started to think I'd never finish that stupid rewrite.

It was giving me a major case of writer's block. I tried everything I could think of. Muscling through, taking a break, working on something else, just to name a few, but nothing worked.

Until I found the perfect solution....

Are you ready for it? It could revolutionize your writing process.

Here it is. Try not to be too overwhelmed.




Okay, so it's not that spectacular or innovative, but it's amazing how much it has helped me shut up my internal editor. I wrote the last third of my draft in a matter of weeks after fighting with the internal editor for months. Apparently, it's more important to her that I get it perfect the first time when I'm typing it into a word processing program--where I can easily change anything with a few keystrokes--than when I'm writing with permanent ink on paper that can't be reused. I think there's something wrong with her. ;)

So, what about all of you? What do you do when you're stuck? Any tricks that work every time?


  1. I do the same thing and it does work. I just had to do it because I'm in the same place. Will this thing ever get done? At least, one revision, jeez. I also have been told to do revisions in layers. Concentrate on one item and go through the whole MS. Like, plot, but concentrate on plot only. Takes more time, but may cut down on the insanity.
    Good luck!

  2. I love Calvin and Hobbes! :) I resitrict my internal editor to a chapter. When I pick up writing, I re-read the previous chapter and allow myself to make a few changes. Once I'm back in the story, I won't let myself go back. I only focus on new words!

  3. Love pen and paper! I'm glad it helped you. January was a bad writer's block month for me. I got through by being patient and not too hard on myself. I had to believe it was just temporary, and it was. Writing is proceeding now, thank heavens!

  4. That's such a cute comic! And I love the pen & paper. I carry a notebook and pen everywhere with me and the fact that it's a cute notebook helps me want to pull it out more. Plus, I jot random ideas and song lyrics and quotes I hear and sometimes, re-reading some of those notes totally sparks something that gets me going!

  5. Really? I'm SO going to try pen and paper this week. Plus, I really want to write someplace else, other than my office, and since I don't have a laptop...why not give old-school style a try?

    LOVE LOVE L O V E your latest template! OMG, that header is killer!

    Have a great week!

  6. Yay! for paper and pen.

    I wrote my whole WiP on paper. And I never really got stuck (staring a lot into space doesn't count, right?)

  7. I think I'm going to need to take a page out of your book (hee hee...pun intended) and switch to pen and paper for awhile with a draft I've started. My internal editor is just so dang mouthy.

  8. Paper and pen works for me too. But as soon as I start typing it into Word, that internal editor takes over. Still searching for a cure there! :)

  9. Ha ha! Works for me... when I remember to do it. Sometimes I keep pounding out the words I've already got, like that'll somehow miraculously turn it from crap to gold.

    Lately I feel like starting over is the best bet.

    Good luck!

  10. LOL; yeah, I've had to resort to that. Not nearly as bad as it sounds.

    But (shhhh) sometimes, I overwrite. No, really! I forcibly make every editing mistake possible - on a free write - just to overwhelm her into seeing how rediculous she's being ON A FIRST DRAFT . .


  11. My internal editor goes on overdrive when I use pen and paper. Something about me not being able to spell. ;)

  12. I walk.

    Movement moves my brain.

    Sometimes I walk a lot.

    Like to Mars and back. But it always works. Also, shaking my head back and forth like a Labrador Retriever. That works sometimes as well. :)


  13. You know, sometimes the act of writing things out DOES get things moving. Great point! :D