Monday, February 21, 2011

MUG Monday: They're Just Jealous of My Awesomeness

Having recently come to terms with a very honest critique, this post seemed appropriate, especially since I now feel like my story is going to be so much stronger because of that crit. Seriously, there is nothing more valuable than a critter who knows what to look for and isn't afraid to tell you exactly what isn't working. I am truly blessed to have received feedback from some of the best. :)

This is a pretty typical response pattern for me when I get one of those honest critiques. Okay, so maybe I exaggerated the experience, just a little. ;) Enjoy!



What?! But… but I’m AWESOME!!! How could they say such horrible things?


They’re wrong. It’s perfect the way it is. There’s nothing they can say that will make me believe it needs to be changed. I write beautiful words. Exquisite words!


How dare they?! How. Dare. They! Pssssh! They’re just jealous they can’t be as awesome as I am. Pathetic. *flips hair and rolls eyes* Just pathetic.


Wait. That comment kind of makes sense. And that one. Why didn’t I see that? It’s so obvious!! Oh, this is so humiliating. Now EVERYONE knows what a horrible writer I am. How will I ever show my face on the blogosphere again? I’m going to hide under my desk.


I suck! Big time. Nothing I write will ever be good enough. I should just give up now and save myself any more humiliation. Miss H.H. Writerlady is so much better than me, and she always leaves such encouraging and insightful comments. Why can’t I write like her? I’ll never get an agent. I’ll never get published. I’m just going to stay under my desk and listen to Evanescence’s My Immortal over and over on my iPod. Just leave me alone and let me wallow in peace. Sniff. Don’t judge me. You have no idea how hard it is to be a writer! WAAAH!


Sniff. I’m hungry. I need chocolate. And Dr. Pepper. I guess I can sit in the chair. It’s more comfortable than the floor. *wiggles the mouse* Hmm. Maybe this isn’t all crap. Maybe I don’t totally suck. Sniff.


I guess if I moved this section and tweaked that, it would all flow better. And that is kind of confusing, but I can fix that. No problem. Sorry, beloved scene, beloved chapter, beloved first thirty pages. Looks like we’re better without you. Don’t cry. I’ll miss you too. *wipes a tear* Huh. Wow. This is so much better than it was before. Thank you, critters! Without you, my work never could have been this great! I am a good writer. I will get an agent. I will get published. Because I’m AWESOME!! Of course. ;D

Who's with me? ;)

*pulled from this Sept 2009 post


  1. It's so true, but in the long run we are so lucky that other writers are willing to be honest with us! I love the stages.

  2. I'm with you *fist bumps*

    It's like you're living inside my head (scary place). Yep, it takes me a couple of days before I return to the critiqued pages. But darn it, those critiquers were right!

  3. *lol* so been there! And will be again I'm sure ;p Just remember, 'writers don't just write, they re-write' :) it's how well you re-write that matters in the long run!

    The Arrival, only .99c on Amazon

  4. Ah, yes. Sounds just like me. Great post!

  5. Lol, so true! :) But at least in the end, they make us sooooooo much better... the crabby stuff in the beginning doesn't last TOO long. :)

  6. So true. I just got critique for my ending of a WIP, and this is exactly the steps I went through.

  7. Ha, this is too funny. :) I think I'm at #6 right now but could easily regress back into #5 any day now. LOL

  8. Um...YES. That's exactly what I think all of us go through. Recognizing the stages helps you go through them, I think.

  9. You hit the nail on the head. This is exactly what it feels like. I have to walk away for a bit, to keep my temper in check.

    In the end I'm always relieved I did, because the critiques are usually on the mark. (Hugs)Indigo

  10. Very good.

    The only thing I would add is the, "I hate you and I'm never letting you read my stuff again."
    (5 minutes later)"Does this sound any better?"

    I don't know what I'd do without my citique group. They're amazing and usually 100% right on.

    The thing we need to realize is that the hard crits we receive will help us handle the agent and editor crits better--thickens our skin. When my agent came back and told me to completely rewrite a chapter (a pivotal chapter) and put it in a different character's POV, I was floored. First, I couldn't imagine that it could be done. It was perfect the way it was, so I thought. Then I changed it (because I'd be dumb not to) and guess what? I love it so much better than the original. It was hard, but worth it. She was right.

    If we can't take the crits and work through the stages of denial to get to the point of accepting them and then getting to work, then we're not ready for the big nasty publishing world. (Man, that's a long sentence, sorry).

    I enjoyed your post and plan to retweet it. :)