Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Best Day Ever

Saturday, July 18th, was the Spongebob Day of Happiness at our local Borders bookstore. I didn't know about it before I got there, but, lucky me, I promised my son I would take him to get a new Calvin and Hobbes book if he completed certain chores for me, so we didn't miss it.

We were there for about an hour, just browsing, and the whole time we were there, they had the soundtrack for The Spongebob Squarepants Movie playing. Fortunately for me, my kids love Spongebob, so I have that soundtrack memorized and found myself singing along quite a few times. I got a few strange looks, but whatever. And now I've had The Best Day Ever in my head ever since then and thought I'd share it with all of you. Don't you feel special? Don't worry. It'll be gone tomorrow.

So, why is it the best day ever? Today is the first day of school, I don't have to go to work, and I am completely and utterly alone. Seven hours of uninterrupted writing time. Yeah, I know. Totally awesome!

Guess I'll go check out some blogs. ;D

Sorry, folks. I sent Spongebob home. No more singing today. It's unnatural for anyone to be that happy. Seriously.


  1. First day of school? In what district do you live so that I may move there? ;)

  2. wow! lucky you! My kids jumped for joy when they heard the song and keep getting mad at me because I DO NOT want to play it!! :) Also, in just 10 short days, I'll be able to share your joy. Can't wait!!!!

  3. Enjoy and Godspeed on the writing! :D

  4. I love schools! My kids go back in a couple weeks...the littlest one will be away four afternoons a week. Am I a bad mom, because that sounds like Heaven to me?! :)

  5. You get your butt off the blogosphere and get to writing, young lady! :o)

  6. Lucky!! And now I'm singing 'best day ev-errrr!" LOL!

  7. Wow! I'm not sure what I would do with that much alone time. >.< I love bribing the kidlets with books. :D

  8. Suzanne--They make up for it with 2 weeks off in Oct and an extra week for spring break. And it's hot here. You don't want to move here. Trust me.

    Cheryl--What? You don't want to listen to Spongebob? I don't understand. ;)


    Anita--Thanks for stopping by! And you are so not a bad mom. I had a little party for myself the day my youngest started kindergarten. :D

    jessjordan--You're not the boss of me! :)

    Elana--Now you can suffer with me. Haha! My evil plan worked. ;)

    Danyelle--I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my alone time. Keeps me sane.

  9. LOL, 7 hours! Ooh I'd pull out the wine (Even though I don't drink)!
    I'd still pull it out and look at it..

    Begs..PLEADS even I want YOUR BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK! No..NO.. Not WANT.. that sounds selfish..

    Yes that is much better!

    Your the best girlie, I can't wait to get my chubby little hands on it! I'm squealing like a fatty piglet right now.
    That's how bad I want to read it! I'm HOOKED!

  10. School already?!? I still have a month. But what could be better than a day of Spongebob AND Calvin and Hobbes? My son would be in animation heaven!

  11. Mandy--A month? You poor thing. :) My son will do just about anything for a new Calvin and Hobbes book. :D

  12. SO jealous! 7 hours!? A mom of toddlers can only dream...someday.

  13. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. :)

    I love Borders! Although, it's dangerous for my bank balance. :D

  14. Hi Abby, I am new to your blog. I love this post. 7hrs uninterrupted writing time is heaven on a stick. Hope you enjoyed it.

  15. LOL, I love Spongebob, but now I have that song stuck in my head. Thanks ;)

    I found your blog through ElanaJ ~ looks great!

    And, congrats on the seven uninterrupted reading, err I mean, writing time.