Monday, July 20, 2009

Hello. My name is Abby. And I'm a Lurker.

Over on the QueryTracker blog, there's a really great post about commenting on agent blogs and leaving comments that will be intriguing enough to motivate readers and/or agents to check out your blog.

I personally like to lurk, most of the time. I don't usually comment unless I feel like what I have to say is pertinent or funny, and the things I think are funny, don't always come across as funny to others, even in a face to face conversation. I find that my husband is laughing at me just as often as with me. So, I don't comment much. I know I should, and it will only help my platform (currently my least favorite word), but in the real world, I can't jump into a conversation of strangers, and say something witty and memorable. I like to really think about what I'm going to say and analyze it death first. Unless I know you well, and then I've been told to 'just shut up already' pretty regularly.

Anyway. On some of these blogs, the regulars already seem to have a natural, flowing back and forth going, and I feel like I'm stepping into the middle of a conversation of old friends. Then I picture them all kind of looking at eachother, and with valley girl voices saying things like, "Who is that girl?" "She's wierd." "Did we ask her opinion?" "I don't think so." "Whatever." Lots of hair flipping and noses in the air.

Okay, so maybe the things that happen inside my head are a tad melodramatic, and the rational part of my brain knows that this is not happening. Well, maybe sometimes. See?! But I have an overactive imagination and I've had a lifetime to practice being a shy, withdrawn person and all the insecurities that come with that personality. So, maybe someday.

I know some of you are incredibly witty, and I'll read comment after comment of thoughtful, funny stuff. So, I'm wondering. Do you comment on every blog you read? Or are you like me, and just lurk until you find you have something incredibly insightful and hilarious to say? We're all incredibly insightful and hilarious, at least in our own minds, right?


  1. I'm somewhere in the middle I guess. But I totally get what you mean about feeling like you're stepping into a crowd that already knows each other. I comment when I truly have something to say or when I follow a blog regularly and want to make sure I sort of introduce myself since I love getting those comments myself.

    I definitely follow way more than I comment, no harm in that! Guess I am sort of a lurker too, hmmm. Oh wait, I just commented here...

  2. I feel like I SHOULD comment on every blog I read, partially b/c the author worked so hard to put it together, and partly b/c, well ... I spent x amount of time reading it, darn it! :)

    I'm the same as you, I think. I go to an agent's blog (or any blog, really), and I think, "Okay. Here's an opportunity to be so fantastically funny that EVERYONE will go check out my blog. Funny words, come forth!" And, quite often, there's nothing.


    I think I need a Harry Potter wand. And to learn "Be witty" in Latin.

  3. Rebecca--Thanks for lurking and coming out of hiding for a minute. :)

    jessjordan--I always enjoy your comments. Don't really think you need the magic wand, but if you find one, make me a copy and send it over with your magical mating fairies. :D

  4. I'm with jessj in that I often feel as if I should comment just to let the author know their blog is being read. I do this with people I've actually had some communication with outside of the blogosphere, but if it's an agent, I usually err on the side of close-mouthedness.

    If the blogger is just another writer I follow but don't "know", I usually keep mum if don't have anything worth saying that will contribute to the conversation. I have to really want to say something to post though. Sometimes I even write up a post and delete it before I hit send. Talk about lurking.

    Now YOU could have posted just that pic of Gollum and said you're a lurker, and I'd still have written you a comment. It probably would have been slightly incomprehensible and used the word precious about 55 times, but you wouldn't care, would you? ;)

  5. Tere--Of course I wouldn't care. Too funny!

    My son came in earlier and asked me who the creepy guy in the picture is. After I recovered from the shock that one of my precious :)offspring doesn't know who Gollum is, I hit him with a long string of precious's while he stared at me like I'd lost my mind. The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings always send me into superdork mode. :D

  6. On professional blogs, I lurk. I generally comment on my friend's blogs, because they generally know I'm weird and love me anyway. :D

  7. I almost always comment on the blogs I read. I figure if I'm there and I've invested the time to read it, I might as well say something.

    I follow way more blogs than I actually read, so for me, hooking me with a cool title and the first few lines of the post is what will get me to your blog. Then I'll comment.

    Time is another restriction I take into account when commenting. I have a limit for online time and I could easily spend all of it reading blogs. So I generally don't leave long comments.

  8. I'm a jumper. I jump right in. I don't care what others think of me. LOL. I always think too of the noses in the air..but OOh well. they can tell me to mind my business..and I'll go onto the next blog. heh heh.

    Jump in.. you'll be amazed at the friends you make! (I always do) =)
    and yes... I comment every blog. *grin

  9. Danyelle--I guess I'm like that too. Though I should probably comment more on friend blogs.

    Elana--So, does that mean I'm special, because I got a long comment? :D

    Tami--Good for you! I wish I could be a jumper. If I ever get the motivation, I usually wus out at the last second. So lame. :)