Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Moving to Antarctica

125 below zero has to be better than this.

Okay, so it wasn't technically this hot, but the fact that it registered that even for a few minutes is a little nauseating.


  1. !

    *sending cool thoughts your way*

  2. Ouch..yikes, NOOOO.. I wouldn't want to live where you do..LOL

  3. good time to be out of town!

  4. Thanks, Danyelle!

    Oh, come on, Tami. It's only like this for half the year. :D Nothing like living in Arizona to make you appreciate the snow and the rain.

    Cheryl--You missed the heat yesterday, but you also missed the first big monsoon storm of the season. So much dust blowing through, I couldn't even see across the street. And it rained all night, and all the way to work this morning. It was awesome! And it was only 79 degrees. Woo hoo! It's hotter now, but I gotta take it where I can get it. Have fun! :D

  5. When I read the title of the post I thought perhaps you'd had an incredibly bad day. :) Happy to find out it was just a hot one!