Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WIP Wednesday - Order Has Been Restored

The main thing my husband learned, or was reminded of, during my grounding, is Abby gets a little cranky when she doesn’t have her creative outlet, whatever it may be at the time. So, after a super stressful day on Sunday, he caved and lifted the writing ban. Still no blogs, but if I wanted to write, he wouldn’t give me crap about it.

Having ignored my first novel for several days, my mind finally started moving forward to my next project. Now, I know it’s been advised not to write a sequel until the first one’s picked up, but that’s what’s demanding to be written right now, so that’s what I decided to work on.

I already had a measly 400 words down, from a few months ago, but it really was only a very rough beginning. And I’m not an outliner, but this part of the story has been brewing for months now, so when I sat down to write, it all just flowed out, sans outline. Since Sunday, I’ve written close to 7000 words, and I’m having a hard time stepping away from it.

Despite the obsession, I think the best thing to come out of all this progress, is I remembered how much I love to write. So much of my energy has been focused on revisions, and rewrites, and blogging, that I forgot what a release writing is for me.

So, for today, I feel a little more like I have balance, in my brain, at least, and writing has resumed its proper place in the natural order of things as my stress reliever instead of my stress creator. Oddly enough, I’m not even that concerned about whether I get a request from an agent on the first one. Those feelings will most likely change before tomorrow, but for now, I will bask in the glow of my fresh and shiny new WIP. :)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I'm glad you're balanced now ;). I get cranky when I don't write, too!

    AWESOME JOB on your 7000 words! That is so exciting :D. I'd be happy to be a beta for you again if you'd like.

    Gooooo, Abby!

  2. Rock on with your 7k! The pressure of revisions and queries and synopses and waiting and rejection and all that jazz can make you forget how fun writing is. It's fun to just get back to that every once in ahwile :)

  3. Bask! Bask! That is the best feeling!

  4. That's awesome! I've been in the same boat, Abs. Isn't it nice to be reminded why you love writing in the first place? Editing and revisions can really take it out of ya!

    Keep up the good work!

  5. YAY for you kickin some serious words! That's awesome!

    LOL I get cranky when I can't write--I just feel incomplete if I don't blog, short story, or edits with my novels!

    I know I been wanting to start a new novel--a dark horror! From doing short stories I found the dark side and just adore it. I have an outline ready but I'm holding off for some reason...probably because I want to focus on my novel now. I got two partials out! =D Yay!

  6. Thanks, everybody! If only there was a way to save those good feelings for all the crappy days. When you're feeling down, just pop open a jar of warm fuzzies and you're good to go. It's amazing how fleeting those feelings can be. :)

    Becca--It'll be a few months, at least, but I'll let you know. Thank you!

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    Have a great weekend.

    Lori @whenwelisten