Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WIP Wednesday

Since I didn't make much progress this week, I'm taking one from ElanaJ's playbook and reporting on what I learned this week instead.

First off, I learned this morning that it doesn't matter how much you want a cold Dr. Pepper. If you put it in the freezer and forget about it overnight, it's so not worth it. Ugh! And that's only a small part of it.

Most of all, I learned that I have some really great friends out there, and I'm so grateful for all of you and your support. Some days, your kind words mean more than you could ever know. Hope you're all having a fantabulous Wednesday!


  1. Dude, I know you didn't want it that cold! ;)

    Lessons learned the hard way seem to stick the fastest, but somehow with the freezer and soda, it's always fool me once...

  2. I hate when that happens and I forget my soda in the freezer =(

  3. Speaking of Elana, I just clicked over from her post. Ha, guess we've all done the soda in the freezer thing.

  4. Oh, man...I had no idea soda would do that. good to know :D

  5. Tere--I love that point, right before it freezes when it's just starting to turn to slush. I know, I play a dangerous game, but I'm a risk taker. Yeah, right. Gotta have my crack, I mean DP cold. ;)

    Tami--Sucks, huh?

    Corey--Thanks for stopping by. :)

    Tess--I'd like to say I didn't know it would do that or that it's the first time it's happened, but yeah, no excuse.

  6. Whoa! I was trying to figure out what was on that picture. Dude! It's funny--if it's not you! Sorry about that! But lesson learned, right? Yeah, same with me and the 10 year old in charge of entertainment. :)

  7. That was a mess, no? How the heck did you clean that up? ;)

  8. Wow! Who knew soda had the potential to be lethal?

  9. That is one crazy mess! I too know the longing for a perfectly cold Dr. Pepper! YUM!

    I know I'm grateful for soo many people I met online through blogs and forums, truly awesome and thankful!

  10. HAHA...I have so done that! And you are right - support from friends is the best.

  11. Elana--Yeah, sure. Lesson learned. I think. :)

    Suzanne--I have to clean it up? But it looks so cool. ;) Since it's frozen, most of it came off in chunks, but there was still lots of wiping with hot, soapy water. Such a pain.

    Danyelle--Sadly, I did.

    Sara--Ooo! Another DP lover. :) I'm totally addicted.

    Christine--Glad you stopped by. :)