Monday, October 12, 2009

Feeling Lucky--Good Thing or Bad Thing?

Guess what?

I won another contest. Over on Christine Fonseca's blog. I know. Totally crazy. Seriously, I never win anything, ever. So, I want to know what this all means. I'm not normally a superstitious person, but now I'm wondering if this is a sign. :)

Okay, only kind of, but something weird is going on. My husband says it means I should start sending out queries. I still have about 100 pages left on my revisions. I know I said something a while back about a goal, but sometimes the real life things must take precedence over the make-believe things. So sad.

This last revision is just a final once over, checking punctuation and making sure all my changes flow. Although, I did completely rewrite the beginning of chapter two last night. I'm starting to think if I don't get this baby out there, I'm never going to be able to cut the apron strings. There will always be something needing improvement. Always.

It's so close to ready. I'm just hoping my luck will hold for another few days. If it's not gone already. ;)

So, what do you all think? Do you have periods of time when you feel luckier than others? How much do you think luck plays into querying and getting requests and offers for representation? Or do you think it's all just a matter of skill? You know, like bo staff skills and ninja skills. ;D


  1. I definitely feel like I had "beginner's luck" when I started querying this novel. Like, a query that got good results on my first batch of querying fared poorly on the second round.

    I think you have been working on this project so long at this point, you ought to wait to query until you feel like it's ready, but not wait so long you start to change things needlessly. It's a fine line, but don't let your lucky streak take the decision out of your hands when you're this close to feeling genuinely finished.

    Wish I had better advice. In the meantime, I bet there are a lot of people who read this blog that are dying to read your query. ;)

  2. I agree with Tere. Don't query until you feel like it's ready. But don't over think it either. I do think luck plays a role fro some people, but good writing trumps luck every time.

  3. I think luck definitely plays a role in the querying game. It's all about getting your book in front of someone who is A. not in a bad mood B. looking for a project like yours and C. not too busy to read another full manuscript. A and C are total luck and B is half and half (you can do your homework and get a sense for what agents are looking for.

  4. That is considering you have a salable manuscript to begin with, of course (but it sounds like you do).

  5. Interesting question. I think publishing definitely has a luck element to it. If the agent you query just had lunch with an editor and they said something about your genre and suddenly your query crosses the agent's desk. That's luck.

    Or if you send your query the day after the agent signs another author in the same genre. That's luck too--and not the good kind.

    There's so much we can't control about the querying process, so my philosophy is to make your query the absolute best it can be, research fiercely and then pray for a lotta luck. ;)

  6. I trust God to open every door to my dreams. I learned along time ago that His plan is better than I could have ever imagined.

    Happy writing...

  7. You are an amazing woman, you do what's best for you, within your heart and your head.. heh heh .

    I can't wait for your book.. (I was going to say MY book) LOL. I want my grubby lil hands on it SOOOOOOOOON

  8. I totally just noticed the typo in my title. So lame.

    Tere: Yes. I've been working on this project for so very, very long. I'm waiting tell all my revisions are done. Don't worry. This just might push me to move faster. And my query will be up on Elana's Query Ninja blog sometime this week. I'll post when it's up.

    Susan: Over think? Me? That's funny. ;)

    Natalie: Thanks! That's what I fear most. That my dream agent will be grumpy when she reads my query.

    Elana: Luck + plus shiny query = success? I should be set, right? :)

    Tamika: Thanks!

    Tami: You're awesome. I can always count on you for an ego boost! Glad to have you back. :)

  9. You are awesome Abby...get ready to jump in the query pond...really it isn't THAT bad. Your luck will hold - no doubt!!! Wait until its ready...then JUMP IN!!!

    Good luck.

  10. Christine: Thank you!! I hope you're right. :)

  11. Abby, I'm right there with you on my "last" look through on my book (hahahaha.) ;)

    I can't wait to get out there with you! We can send each other virtual chocolate or dr. pepper if need be.

    Also, some days are just really good days. Roll with it! :D Maybe all this luck means your revisions will make your MS spotless and more fantastic than ever!

  12. Becca: If it only worked that way. I think no matter how many times I go through my ms, I will always find things that could be improved--luck or not. Hopefully, we'll both be ready SOON. :)