Thursday, October 22, 2009

Put in My Place by an 8-Year-Old

This is a conversation I had with my youngest daughter this past weekend.

“What day is it today?” she asked.

“Saturday.” I smiled and shouted WooHoo! in my head. “Which means school starts again in less than two days.” (They’d been off for two weeks for Fall Break.)

She gave me her best I’m-eight-so-I-know-everything expression, complete with a flat stare. “You’re just glad we won’t be home with you anymore. Then you can be all alone.”

Maybe a little. “No. I just need my schedule to feel normal again.”

“No, Mommy. You need to feel like your schedule is normal again. Your schedule isn’t alive, so it can’t feel anything.”

Seriously?! Holy crap. I’ve created a monster. Maybe I’ll make her one of my critters. ;)


  1. AHAHAHAHA! Is it bad that I had to reread what you'd said to see the issue? ;)

    Kids are great at catching stuff like that! Bless them (sort of.) LOL.

  2. This kid is going places. Can I request her as a beta reader? ;)

  3. ROTFL! Kids are the best, aren't they?

  4. She's a smart one. Like Rebecca, I had to reread to see what it was you said. I never would have caught that.

  5. LOL! That was TOO funny! Kids say the darndest things, don't they? Gotta love 'em . . . :)

  6. Oh, wow, she is a smart one! Good come back!

  7. Yo, she put you in your place, Mom! That is so funny.

  8. Heh -- I just realized I repeated the title of your post!

  9. Becca: Don't feel bad. I had to really think about it to realize what she was talking about.

    Suz: Me too. :)

    Tricia: Sorry. She'll be spending all her time as my beta. ;)

    Elana: They keep me laughing, that's for sure.

    Susan: Yeah. Me either. She keeps me on my toes.

    Crystal: She does more than most, I think.

    Eileen: Thanks! Sometimes, I think she might be a little too smart for her own good. Her mouth gets her in trouble a lot.

    MG: You know what they say about great minds. ;)

  10. ooo, ouch. out of the mouth of babes. their insights scare me sometimes. hoping your schedule comes alive.