Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just Kill Them Off Already

In keeping with the Halloween theme, I just wanted to mention something I've been contemplating over the last few days...

Do you ever just want to kill off all the characters in your novel? You rub your hands together and laugh maniacally while you plan the demise of every last one of them? Is that just me?

Sorry for the short post today. I'm trying to finish up Halloween costumes and get my revisions done before NaNo, hence the murderous thoughts. :D Happy Wednesday!


  1. Good luck with the Halloween costumes!

    I don't think about killing my characters off much (but I'm writing light MG).

  2. I've killed one or two here and there. Good luck with your costumes!

  3. I always want to kill them. So you know what? I do. I open a new document and write their deaths. When they realize I have all the power, they stop being so rebellious. Sometimes.

  4. Now there's a thought to bring an end to the horrid revisions! Unfortunately I think the story would die with them. Darn.

  5. ooh, only when they don't behave. But it's easier to make them play along than start from scratch with new characters that don't behave.

    Good luck with the costumes!

  6. Good luck with your projects. :)

    Kill them off? Never! I'm too evil for that. Killing them lets them off. Keeping them around...>:)

  7. Sent you a Halloween pic from my work email!

    For some reason hotmail wasn't cooperating, lousy razza-frazzin'...

  8. ooh, look at my two different profile pics.

    Yes, I am easily amused. ;)

  9. Natalie: Thanks! Sometimes a little character homicide can relieve some stress. ;)

    Susan: Thanks! Sometimes they just need a little murder to set them straight. ;)

    Elana: What a great idea! I might have to try that. :)

    Anissa: They can always be resurrected. ;D

    Tere: So, what are you saying? They're all going to be like this? I emailed you back.

    Danyelle: Good thinking. Torture is always better. ;)

  10. No, I've never had that thought. But now that you've put the idea in my head.... ;)

  11. LOL... I kill 'em off, but they tend to reincarnate (literally) in later novels, with more psychic abilities than they possessed in their previous incarnations. Some return knowing. As for the heroine, she does not tend to regain her memories until her 40's. The guys are born knowing. What is that all about? Well, it is fiction you know! LOL

  12. haha nooooo! I love my characters too much... I have the opposite problem, and I forget they need to have bad things happen to them!